The First Narrowcasting Media Agency in Europe

January 29, 2009

The First Narrowcasting Media Agency in Europe

SCHIPHOL RIJK, The Netherlands, January 28 /PRNewswire/ —

– Panels United: The Central Point for Narrowcasting


Europe gets its first media agency specialized in narrowcasting with the launch of Panels United in The Netherlands. The use of narrowcasting in Europe is much lower in comparison to the US so a focus in this market was necessary. Panels United offers information, inspiration and placement in the digital signage market by providing value to advertisers and digital signage network operators.

Narrowcasting, also known as digital signage is a dynamic electronic medium that communicates information, advertisements, announcements, promotions, news and educational material in public places. The power in it is that you can determine to whom, when and where the message is targeted. It also enables retailers, marketers and advertisers to engage with the consumer when they are most receptive – at the point-of-purchase. Reaching the consumer on the go, at locations such as cafes, bars, fitness centres, retail shops, airports, stations, trams, libraries, schools, banks, pharmacies and waiting rooms.

The digital signage medium targets the hard to reach demographic, offering opportunities for media buyers and planners to close the communication gaps existing in their traditional marketing and advertising execution.

This medium solves many of the problems plaguing traditional media, including declining national audiences as well as technology allowing consumers to skip or avoid ads. It is becoming clear that advertisers need to adapt their media mix to match changing consumer media-consumption habits.

Previously, an advertiser would need to contact numerous digital signage operators in order to get a well spread digital campaign covering the target audience in multiple locations. Panels United (PU) maximises the convenience by providing a central way to contact appropriate network operators nationally, regionally, locally and by specific criteria. PU manages the content, bookings and billing of third-party advertisers, making the process easy and effective.

“We are extremely grateful for the industry support from both advertisers and operators and specifically Nova Versa, an international cross media advertising agency which was involved in the creation of PU from day one…making it possible to launch two months earlier than scheduled,” said PU’s Chief Executive, Leon Goldwater. PU will expand its network to cover Europe and Asia and today, PU has a reach of 31,000 panels throughout the Netherlands, with millions of audience impressions per week.

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January 29, 2009

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